How Long Does it Take to Complete an Academic Program in McLennan County, TX?

Are you planning to pursue a bachelor's degree in McLennan County, TX? If so, you must take classes at the MCC that meet the requirements of the higher institution where you will be completing your degree. It is highly recommended that you work with an advisor to plan your courses and ensure that you are meeting all of the necessary requirements. This section will provide information on organizations and agencies that provide accreditation, recognition, and approval to MCC programs. Additionally, the requirements for an associate degree are described in the MCC catalog. When you first enroll in college level courses at the MCC, you will be subject to the degree requirements in effect at that time.

You will have five years to complete an associate degree (A. A.) or certificate from the date of your initial enrollment. If you need to extend this time frame, you must receive approval from the appropriate dean. Each college or university will offer a variety of courses that are intended to satisfy their respective degree requirements.

These courses can be identified by common course numbers. If you are transferring to another institution, you may need to seek further help in planning your transfer program. Auditors may not be accepted for certain courses due to lack of space, course prerequisites, entry requirements for a particular program, or the amount of individualized instruction time required (such as internship courses).Students with disabilities can obtain a state disability sticker on their license plates and a valid McLennan parking permit which will allow them to park in every parking lot on campus. If a course is identified as repeatable for credits, all grades are included in the calculation of grade point averages. The receiving institution determines the applicability of transferred courses to the requirements of specific degree programs. McLennan Community College has banned smoking in campus buildings and only allows smoking in designated areas of the campus.

This section focuses on workforce programs that lead to a certificate or an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree and provides suggested courses of study for each option. The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires that students complete a development course or courses and follow the attendance guidelines in effect at the time of enrollment. A certificate is awarded to students who meet the specific requirements described in the programs that grant certificate recognition. To obtain a temporary permit, students must complete Form VTR-214, Application for Disabled Persons, and send it to the McLennan County Assessor-Tax Collector's Office located in the Courthouse annex. Licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) who wish to obtain an advanced position in the associate degree nursing program have two options and must meet specific admission requirements. McLennan Community College reserves the right to interpret, change, amend or terminate this policy at any time.

However, it is important for students to consult with a faculty advisor or program director as soon as possible to effectively plan their program. McLennan Community College will comply with section 51,907 of the Texas Education Code regarding limitations on the number of courses that undergraduate students can drop out under certain circumstances. All academic courses from the lower divisions that have been successfully completed and identified by the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) and published in the Lower Division Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM) will be fully transferable between public institutions.

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